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What My Wonderful Clients Have To Say

I was wanting to get clear about my blocks to recording a video for my website. And, yes my expectations were met and more. Andrea helped me get clear on the first 3 minutes and first 3 sentences, about the tools I can use and we created a good strategy to be clear on my message and who it is for. Now I will operate differently by being conscious that it is not about me.

I felt very safe and comfortable exploring my blocks around creating a video for my website, Andrea got to the core of the issue quickly with purposeful questions, she was able to judge my style and offer helpful tips in helping me bring my vision to life. Thank you Andrea.

Helena Brooksbank,Conscious Living Coach,


I enjoyed talking to Andrea, and I felt that she was truly listening and trying to understand what I meant. Her questions prompted me to look at my approach to work in a different way, and to think of a few changes I could make to make the whole experience smoother and more pleasant.

The whole experience has reminded me to just be myself, and create in a way that resonates with me, regardless of what other people in my field are doing. I also decided to do shorter videos, following Andrea’s advice, to make it easier on myself and on my students too.

I have started doing some research on youtube to solve some practical/technical problems, something I had thought about but never actually done in the past. Also, I am outlining my photography lessons, finding simpler, easier ways to structure each lesson and creating shorter videos.

Cristina Colli, Visual Storytelling,


Andrea was wonderful to speak too, very down to earth, and listened carefully to my fears. I now feel more confident to present myself online after speaking with Andrea. I would recommend her services.

Kate Reynolds, Relocation Coach,


Andrea is such an inspiration. She really walks her talk. She has so much experience helping others achieve their goals and she does it with such genuine passion and enthusiasm.

Angie J. Beckh, Wellness Coach


Wow what great experience, I love it! It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. Andrea`s coaching was the best investment I ever made.” I don’t know if I would have ever made it without her guidance and support!

Sarah, English Teacher,

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