9 Ways To Bore The Boots Off Your Facebook Live Viewers [Part 1]

Do you know the aim of your Facebook live?

It’s simple. Really simple.

You only need to get people to watch till the end. Yep, that’s all.

Do you know what that means?

You have to keep your audience entertained so they want MORE of you.


However, your live talk doesn’t get the likes, shares and comments it deserves.

“Oh no, someone is leaving my FB live…” *sigh*

You wonder: Does my passionate talk not captivate my audience?


Watch the red flags.

I’ve collected the 9 most common FB live mistakes that bore the boots off their viewers.

Naturally you want to avoid those mistakes. Right?

So, simply turn them around to engage, charm and attract your dream clients.


1. You don’t tell your audience what this broadcast is about

It sounds obvious to tell people what you’re going to talk about. Yet I see many people start their FB lives without telling their audience what it is about.

Usually you’ve already spent a lot of time thinking about what you’ll be talking about so that you simply forget to share it.

Remember: Always share your topic with your audience BEFORE you start speaking.


2. You stop mid-sentence every few seconds to say “Hi” to whoever has just joined

You see that a lot. As many people are doing it, it must be good. Right? Wrong!

That totally interrupts the natural flow and hurts your listeners’ attention.

Additionally it bores those who showed up on time. It bores those who want to learn from you. It bores those that might be your dream clients.

Not good.

Conclusion: It is ok to say “Hi” to a few people in the first seconds. But then quickly share your message with those who are already watching.


3. You forgot to fix the microphone before going live


That happened to me once. Boy, what a disaster.

I simply assumed that my microphone is working. Because on this day I already had three Skype coaching calls with clients.


So why think about the microphone?

Seems switching from Skype to FB confused my computer. And I’ve heard from others that they had the same issue.

hmmm … lesson learned! Always check your microphone before the talk. You want people to hear you.  🙂


4. You stream directly from your bed just a few minutes after your woke and you look like a hairy monster

Don’t laugh! I’m serious.

This happens more often than one would think. But honestly, I have a hard time explaining why people would do that.

So, let’s keep it this way: Avoid this mistake by any means.


Until next time… Remember the world needs your voice ♥



Do you want my help?

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Want Your Mind To Explode With Speaking Topics?

Learn about the three C’s that will help you go from clueless to an infinite stream of ideas for Facebook live topics.


Well, it can be daunting to find topics for your FB live talks.


Because speaking to your viewers is one of the most terrifying situations you’ll experience.

Even though everybody seems to give a like talk these days, doesn’t mean they feel comfy and speak fearlessly.


As introverts and sensitive spirits we are looking for ways to show up for our future clients with a feeling of trust that everything will work out fine.


So, picturing yourself running out of words, not knowing what to say next and not feeling connected …



Scary, right?

It really can feel terrifying. And that’s the exact opposite of feeling comfy. Feeling terrified makes it impossible to speak fearlessly.


The good news 

Topics are all around you. You just have to learn to recognize them.

BUT you have to move from a state of fear to a place where you feel comfy to end your struggle.


Now, let’s get started and dive into the 3 C’s that will change your world.



Get really clear about your message. What is it, that you can do best to help future clients reach their goals?


Clarity is always queen.


Without her your message is wobbly.

And with a wobbly message you have difficulties coming up with speaking topics.



Now that you are really clear on your message you automatically start connecting with yourself.

This empowers you to connect with your audience in a way you’ve never done before.


Because connecting with yourself means you’re listening to your heart and you’re speaking from a place of true meaning.

This way you’re  open to your audience’s needs and as a result they will understand you on a deeper level.



Usually showing up and speaking on live seems scary and made you procrastinate giving live talks regularly.


But once you’ve got into the flow of connecting with yourself and your audience you’ll quickly realize that you’re feeling differently.


Something is changing for the better within yourself.


This is because by getting clear on your message and connecting from your heart you’ve begun to create a space which you can call your new comfort zone. Wooo Hooo!


Until next time… Remember the world needs your voice ♥



Do you want my help?

My 8-week 1:1 Coaching Program is designed to help you show up confidently on Facebook Live and sell in a way that feels good. LEARN MORE…

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