7 Facebook Live Ideas For Shy Women

7 Facebook Live Ideas For Shy Women

Are you the kind of person that feels a bit more fear about Facebook live?

Maybe you’re camera shy or standing in the spotlight scares you?

Or you’re afraid of public speaking?


Well if you’re not figuring out a way to show up on Facebook live that feels comfortable and easy for you it’s going to be hard to show up consistently and get seen by your dream paying clients.


So let me show you 7 FACEBOOK LIVE IDEAS FOR SHY WOMEN that will help you get started on the right foot and that will make it easier for you to show up on Facebook live.


Hello! I’m Andrea. I’m the shy girl‘s video coach and I’m all about helping you tame your public speaking fears and getting your message heard by the right people so it can change their lives. Additionally, I’ll help you grow your business with ease. 


But if you’re not showing up you will not reach your people and you cannot change their lives.



So let’s talk about the 7 FACEBOOK LIVE IDEAS FOR SHY WOMEN that will make it easier for you.


#1 Walk your dog or take a walk on the beach

Basically, people assume on Facebook live you’re doing what I’m doing right now. I’m sitting at my desk and I speak to the camera.

That might feel scary.

When you walk your dog or your take a walk on the beach you DON’T HAVE TO SHOW YOUR FACE ON CAMERA.

You can hide your face. The good news is you simply show the surroundings to your audience and they will love it.  I think basically people are always eager to get to know places where they have never been.


#2 Answer blog comments

On Facebook live you can share your screen!

That’s amazing, right?

You share your screen and you show your blog post and you give a short summary of what you have written. Then you scroll down to the blog comments and you read the comments. Then you answer them.

  • You don’t have to speak to the camera.
  • You simply focus on speaking and answering the comments.
  • You don’t have to care if you have a bad hair day.


#3 Give behind-the-scenes details

That’s always great! Show people your desk where you work. Maybe your desk is very clean or (and that’s what people are eager to know) maybe your desk is really messy.

Share your ugly secrets behind the screen, that’s always fun.


#4 Brew coffee

Jasmine Star, the Instagram and Facebook Live pro, does this.

While you’re doing something it’s easier to speak and brewing coffee creates a relaxing atmosphere for you and for the viewers.


#5 Teach a mini class

Kind of a mini-webinar. Once again, on Facebook live you can share the screen.

When you prepare slides you can teach for 10 minutes about a topic that’s interesting for your viewers and you don’t have to show your face. And people who are watching will get great value out of your Facebook live.


#6 Host a special guest

As introverts or shy people we don’t have problems in a conversation when someone else is with us. So if a second person is with you on camera you automatically feel safer.

If you interview another person and you prepare yourself like I did today, you have your notes as a safety net with you. You ask the question and the other person answers the question.

Just in case your brain goes blank the other person can jump in and help. 


#7 Show up with your cat or dog

(I really love number 7)

Sometimes or very often cats and dogs crash videos.  They show up naturally on screen. I think it’s fun and that’s the beauty of Facebook live… it shows what happens in real life.

Cats and dogs are always adorable to watch!



If you liked this so far and you want to learn more about how to show up on camera confidently, I created a free guide just for you on that topic. Just click this link


It’s THE SHY GIRL’S GUIDE TO FACEBOOK LIVE CONFIDENCE where you will discover what to do exactly before during and after your Facebook live, to feel in control and also get started on the right foot.


Until next time… Remember the world needs your voice ♥



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3 Ways To Come Up With Facebook Live Topics Easily

3 Ways To Come Up With Facebook Live Topics Easily

How to come up with Facebook Live topics?

My clients often say “I don’t know what to talk about” “I don’t know what my people want to hear from me”.

Some clients say it’s like pulling teeth.

Luckily it’s not that difficult!


Today you’ll discover 3 ways to easily find topics for you FBlives.



Hello hello Andrea here!

Today I will talk about how to come up with topics for your FBlives. Most clients ask me or they say to me “I don’t know what to talk about”,  “I don’t know what my people want to hear from me, what they want to learn from me”… it’s like pulling teeth to come up with a speaking topic.


Luckily it’s not that difficult and I will share with you the three ways how I come up with speaking topics.

1. So the first way is about Facebook groups

I assume you’re participating in Facebook groups. In every Facebook group there is a search field when you can put

in some words, for instance, I put in “Facebook lives” and then I see what people are talking about when it comes to Facebook lives. A lot of posts come up and you can see what are the challenges, what are they talking about, what do they want to learn, what questions do they have.

I can put in facebook lives. I can put in a public speaking fear or nervousness and then again a lot of posts come up and I can see what are the challenges for my people.

2. The second way is to take a look at your blog post.

Especially at your statistics to see what is your most famous blog post. Then take a tiny part of this blog post and talk about it on Facebook live. For instance, I have a

blog post it’s about “10 ways how to bore the boots out of your facebook life viewers. Number three is “Why you shouldn’t say hello to everyone who just joins the Facebook live and what to do about it”. This blog post is really famous and I can take number three and do a Facebook life about it. So your blog posts… you find a lot of hints in your blog posts.

3. Ask your newsletter readers

Create a poll and give them a few topics and also add a field where you asked them “What is your challenge with

the topic “xyc”. For instance, I would say “Okay, what do you want to learn about facebook lives?” “What is your challenge about facebook lives”. And then I wait for the replies and I will see what my readers really want to hear from me, what challenges they are facing and I can talk about it on Facebook live.


So let’s recap the three ways on how to show up on facebook life and have a speaking topic ready.

1.s Facebook groups

2.  blog post and

3. ask your newsletter readers.


Until next time… Remember the world needs your voice ♥



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Did You Know That You Can Add Captions To Your Facebook Live Videos?

Did You Know That You Can Add Captions To Your Facebook Live Videos?

Videos with CAPTIONS are 85% more likely to be watched than videos without captions.


That totally makes sense.

When I’m in public I don’t want to be an annoyance. And I usually can’t find the headset in my handbag 😉


So, if a video pops up in my newsfeed without captions I would add it to the watch later list (and forget about it).


If a video pops up with captions I watch the video without sound and simply read the captions. 

That’s good reason to add captions to ALL your videos. And it is really simple to add them…watch the video!



Until next time… Remember the world needs your voice 


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How Sharon Got Over Her Fear of Live Video

How Sharon Got Over Her Fear of Live Video


Sharon Newsom is a brand and Squarespace web designer, who works with service-based female entrepreneurs and is an all-around awesome introvert.

You can read about Sharon’s work at thequriouseffect.com and watch her lovely FB lives here, here and here.

Enjoy the conversation!


Andrea: Welcome Sharon! Tell us a bit about yourself and what values you have in your business so we’ll get a feeling for who you are.

Sharon: I’ve been a graphic designer for over a decade, a business owner for 10 years and have worked with many nonprofits, busy mompreneurs, yogis as well as other business owners to help bring their brands to life.

Over the past couple years, I’ve been shifting the focus of my business towards female, soulful, service-based, online business owners. I want to help other women make a living for themselves in a way that works for them via my design skills.

Andrea: What inspires you to show up live?

Sharon: Community and engaging publicly in a way that feels doable for my introverted self. Working alone can feel isolating at times and I’ve found that going live lets me share my knowledge in a casual manner that feels a lot less intimidating than trying to speak live in a large group setting.

Facebook Live feels more intimate to me. More like I’m having a conversation with a few friends than speaking to an auditorium filled with strangers.

Andrea: How did you get over your nerves?

Sharon: A few things. On Facebook, there’s a way to record a live video that is private and only you can see it. So I’ve practiced going live that way. I’ve also used the video cameras on my laptop and phone to practice speaking while being recorded.

I was also able to practice a couple times in a really supportive Facebook group, where I got to experience people watching live and commenting.

Lastly, it also helps to remember that at first, you likely won’t have a lot of people tuning in Live so you can always delete the recording and try it again if you hate it. 🙂

Andrea: Are you still nervous before you hit the live button or are you super cool now that you’ve done it several times?

Sharon: I’m still nervous! I try to physically move a bit – shake out my nervous energy – before I sit down and record. My dog probably thinks I’m a bit silly but I like to get up and talk and play with him for a few moments.

He always makes my nerves settle! It also helps me to put a little bit of makeup on and wear some of my favorite clothes. I always feel more confident when I love what I have on.

Andrea: What is your secret to speaking naturally and freely without forgetting what you want to say?

Sharon: Basing my videos on blog posts. This helps because I’ve already spent the time writing the blog post, so I’m familiar with the content. Then I write an outline for the video and have both up on my screen while going live. This alleviates any worry about possibly going blank/forgetting what I was going to say.

One day I’d love to be able to do the reverse, where I’m able to freely speak about a topic and then transcribe it into a blog post. To me, it feels like that goal could come after more time going live.

I’ve found that as I’ve become more comfortable, I’m able to relax and allow my mind to improvise a bit, adding in extra details that weren’t in either the outline or blog post.

Andrea: Do you find your speaking topics intuitively or do you have a system?

Sharon: I’ve started with a system – blog posts – but would love to become more intuitive about it.

Andrea: What was your biggest blooper and how did you deal with it?

Sharon: Tech issues! One of the video links listed above was recorded on a day where there was a bad fire nearby and all my utilities were being affected. I had no idea if I was going to make it through the recording without losing power or my internet connection, so I just said what was going on right at the beginning of the recording. I ended up making it through but I was a bit nervous the whole time.

More common is when I misspeak – when a word I don’t mean to say – just pops right out of my mouth. When that happens on live video, I find it can be harder to catch but I just try to catch it, correct it and move on.

The other thing I’ve had happen is getting text message alerts from my laptop and phone while being live. These, I’ve just ignored and kept talking like they didn’t happen. Since then, I’ve been sure to double check all my devices are silenced and I’ve totally turned off notifications on my laptop.

Oh and I also try to be really, really kind to myself about the whole thing. To remember to be grateful that I took the chance and didn’t let my fear stop me. To remember that I’m still a beginner and it’s okay not to be ‘perfect’ and that I’m my worst critic – most people aren’t paying such close attention to me that they’re noticing the little things I think are mistakes. 😉

Andrea: What are three tips that you’d give to introverted women that are still not sure how to get started?

Sharon: It will likely be only you when you go live. Let that take the pressure off. Most of my videos have been just me – even though I say “Hi Everyone” and speak like I do have a live audience. My videos get watched after they’re recorded when I share them and I’m totally fine with that.

From other women I’ve talked to about their Lives, they experience this as well. So if you’re really unhappy with the way your recording went, you can delete it and try again. I figure by the time I’ve got multiple people watching Live, I’ll have practiced lots so my confidence will make it easier.  Also, refer to the last sentence of my last answer about being kind to yourself!

Andrea: How has boldly sharing your message from the heart improved your business success?

Sharon: Practice speaking aloud about what I do and how I can help clients has helped build my confidence in my business. I think it’s helped me speak with more confidence to potential clients. Being able to speak about my business out loud helps get my message across in a way that may not come through via just written words.

It also helps me engage with people who are more auditory learners.

I’d also like to share that as an introvert, I struggle at times with feeling confident and whenever I’ve finished recording a Live, I feel such a rush of positive energy as well as a sense of confidence and feel proud that I just faced a fear and made it through to the other side. It makes it easier to do want to do it again.



Until next time… Remember the world needs your voice ♥


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Why Growing Your Reach With Facebook Lives Is NOT An Attractive Goal

Why Growing Your Reach With Facebook Lives Is NOT An Attractive Goal

Let’s talk about how to reach your goals light-heartedly.

  • Can you feel it?
  • Can you see it?
  • Can you smell it?
  • Does it feel good?

If the answer is NO, then it’s probably not an attractive goal. And chances are that you’re not motivated to achieve this goal. Maybe you think: I should do this!

But.. you start procrastinating. It is on your to-do-list but never gets done.

Is doing a Facebook live on your mind or your to-do-list? 


You know FB live would grow your reach BUT you still don’t do it.


And I share 3 ATTRACTIVE GOALS that will let you consider FB lives immediately.




Today,  let’s talk about why growing your reach with Facebook lives is not an attractive goal!

This Facebook Live is especially for introverts and introverted female entrepreneurs.

Honestly, you know that Facebook live would grow you reach tremendously but you’re still not doing it.

Maybe you go live once or twice a month, but not consistently.

You know that it would grow your reach but you don’t do it AND the question is why?

What is holding you back?

Now, we have to look at what makes an attractive goal for you to show up on Facebook live.

There are three things I want to talk about today AND the third thing is really the most important.

Now let’s start with the first attractive goal:

Doing Facebook lives… you can think about to connect with like-minded people all over the world. I mean that’s amazing! Connecting with people all over the world and they can leave a comment, they can send you a personal message, they get to know you better when they see you live on Facebook. So that’s a really attractive goal because you can feel it.

The second thing is… think about your business and about the big picture

So what do you want to achieve? What’s the lifestyle you want to live? And then think about Facebook life as a means to an end.

Facebook live will help you grow so you can live the lifestyle you want. When you grow your business and… again you can feel that because… maybe you have a vision board and you know how you want to feel when you achieve this lifestyle.

The third thing is feeling good.

That sounds really simple yet that’s really the most important one. Most people don’t feel good when they speak to a camera. When they do a Facebook Live they’re kind of freak out. And those people who don’t freak out they usually say “that’s not for me”. (The fear of public speaking shows up in many different ways.)

But the thing is YOU can learn how to feel good on a Facebook life.

I mean, if you’re exhausted afterward because the tension was so strong because you didn’t know what to say or you stumbled and you were afraid of losing your words. And afterward you’re so exhausted and you say “okay that’s not for me. I don’t do that again”.

But you can learn to feel good on camera especially on Facebook live.


Until next time… Remember the world needs your voice ♥


Do you want my help?

My 8-week 1:1 Coaching Program is designed to help you show up confidently on Facebook Live and sell in a way that feels good. LEARN MORE…

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