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How To Grow Your Confidence On Facebook Live

Are you a shy entrepreneur who feels that showing up on facebook life is extra hard?

Does freaking out prevent you from showing up live?

I want you to know that Facebook live videos are watched three times longer than regular pre-recorded videos.

>> That’s a good reason to show up on Facebook live, right?

Because chances are your dream paying clients are among those viewers.


In this video I share with you how to grow your confidence on Facebook live as a shy entrepreneur.

This worked very well for me to get started. Enjoy watching.




hello hello Andrea here. are you a shy entrepreneur who feels that showing up on facebook life is extra hard? so you
kind of freak out when you want to hit the live button and.. maybe this freak out prevents you from showing up live.

well you should know that Facebook live videos are watched three times longer than regular pre-recorded videos.

that’s a good reason to show up on Facebook live because chances are your dream paying clients are on Facebook live and enjoy watching Facebook lives too.

I want to share with you two simple tips on how you can grow your confidence on Facebook live and on livestream in general. that’s also the way how I got started. it’s not a magic pill but it works. it really works but it is a bit of an unsexy tip because it’s all about practice. and to practice your facebook lives there are two easy ways to grow your confidence.

the first way is… on your Facebook profile you can set your settings to private. so that only you can see your  Facebook live and no one else! so you can practice without being seen by other people. you can make mistakes.

you can’t forget what you want to say. you can start over and over and over again. no one will see you. no one will
judge you. but there is one thing to this tip – the privacy settings, I don’t use them. I don’t do that because I think I would always forget to change the privacy settings and all people on my profile will see the live videos I practice.

but you should know about this because maybe you like this tip and you can give it a try.

the second one is… tada… that’s a great tip! I do that all the time, is to create a secret Facebook group just for you. so
there’s no one else in the group. you have a group all for yourself and there you can again practice your Facebook live videos.

you can get familiar with the settings, how to edit text before the video, how long it takes to start the live video, so you get comfortable with all the technical stuff around. that’s really great. and in this Facebook group you cannot forget about the privacy setting or changing something because there’s only you in the group and that’s perfect.

I do that all the time. that’s the way I got started because I was afraid of public speaking and Facebook life too as
a shy person and it really helped me to grow my confidence and also get confident with all the technical stuff.

and I have to admit I still do that. I still practice in my secret Facebook group because sometimes I want to try something new. I want to talk about a topic I haven’t talked about before. so that doesn’t come so easily to me.

I practice in my secret Facebook group and that really helps. well I hope you like these two tips.

so let’s recap. the first was to set your privacy setting on your profile to private so no one else can see the Facebook live you practice. and the second one, that I really recommend, is creating a secret Facebook group just for you.

well I hope you like my tips and I cannot wait to see you next time. so…


Until next time… Remember the world needs your voice ♥



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