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What makes a great Facebook Live?

When you think about Facebook live does your mind automatically jump to everything that could possibly go wrong?

Do your mindset wobbles show up if you’re thinking about Facebook live?

Maybe you think you’re too old, you have a bad hair day or maybe you think it’s not enough to be an introvert or a shy person, you have to show up as a bubbly person, you have to entertain people or you worry… will they think I’m stupid when there is an awkward pause when you forget what you want to say and you freeze and your brain goes blank?


These fears might keep you from showing up on Facebook live.

You put a lot of pressure on yourself because you want to add value and you want to make it perfect!


But what do your viewers really want from you?

On the other side of the camera, there is a real person watching! it’s not a statistic that says 1000 views. there’s a real person with real feelings and emotions and they have their desires and they have their expectations of a great Facebook live.


The best way to find that out is to ask them. I did that for you.

I asked in Facebook groups: “What do you think makes a great Facebook live? When do you enjoy watching?


Surprise, surprise!

The answers are really great because they have nothing to do with what I talked about before. They have nothing to do with your mindset wobbles.

Your viewers focus on completely different things.

I promise you, you will be happy about that.


Here are the answers:

“I enjoy watching when I have a deep level of trust and respect for the person if I feel aligned with their values and what they share on social media and if they have a relevant headline.”

“Being authentic, adding value.”

“value and not being too long unless it is super super valuable.”

“Length! If it’s too long I put it off for a better time and forget about it.”

“Short videos with something actionable. Oh and the promos at the end instead of in the beginning”

“It honestly doesn’t matter what topic it is, I’ve watched all sorts of videos. The thing that keeps me going is when somebody is absolutely in love with what they are doing. Doesn’t matter if they are new to doing Facebook live if they are nervous, or whatever. If they are looking at the camera, talking about what they love and I’m learning a little bit. Then I’m excited to watch.

The one thing I’ve seen repeatedly that can put viewers off is when video hosts let engaging with the audience take over the whole video. There is nothing worse for me than joining a video where someone is just pissing around or there’s music playing and nobody’s there or they’re like oh I’m just going to wait till some more people join. You know what? I’m gone.”



I hope you feel encouraged to show up on Facebook live because it’s totally enough to look at the camera, be yourself and be in love with what you talk about.


>> Let me know in the comments: What do you think makes a great Facebook live? When do YOU enjoy watching?


Until next time… Remember the world needs your voice ♥



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