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7 Facebook Live Ideas For Shy Women

Are you the kind of person that feels a bit more fear about Facebook live?

Maybe you’re camera shy or standing in the spotlight scares you?

Or you’re afraid of public speaking?


Well if you’re not figuring out a way to show up on Facebook live that feels comfortable and easy for you it’s going to be hard to show up consistently and get seen by your dream paying clients.


So let me show you 7 FACEBOOK LIVE IDEAS FOR SHY WOMEN that will help you get started on the right foot and that will make it easier for you to show up on Facebook live.


Hello! I’m Andrea. I’m the shy girl‘s video coach and I’m all about helping you tame your public speaking fears and getting your message heard by the right people so it can change their lives. Additionally, I’ll help you grow your business with ease. 


But if you’re not showing up you will not reach your people and you cannot change their lives.



So let’s talk about the 7 FACEBOOK LIVE IDEAS FOR SHY WOMEN that will make it easier for you.


#1 Walk your dog or take a walk on the beach

Basically, people assume on Facebook live you’re doing what I’m doing right now. I’m sitting at my desk and I speak to the camera.

That might feel scary.

When you walk your dog or your take a walk on the beach you DON’T HAVE TO SHOW YOUR FACE ON CAMERA.

You can hide your face. The good news is you simply show the surroundings to your audience and they will love it.  I think basically people are always eager to get to know places where they have never been.


#2 Answer blog comments

On Facebook live you can share your screen!

That’s amazing, right?

You share your screen and you show your blog post and you give a short summary of what you have written. Then you scroll down to the blog comments and you read the comments. Then you answer them.

  • You don’t have to speak to the camera.
  • You simply focus on speaking and answering the comments.
  • You don’t have to care if you have a bad hair day.


#3 Give behind-the-scenes details

That’s always great! Show people your desk where you work. Maybe your desk is very clean or (and that’s what people are eager to know) maybe your desk is really messy.

Share your ugly secrets behind the screen, that’s always fun.


#4 Brew coffee

Jasmine Star, the Instagram and Facebook Live pro, does this.

While you’re doing something it’s easier to speak and brewing coffee creates a relaxing atmosphere for you and for the viewers.


#5 Teach a mini class

Kind of a mini-webinar. Once again, on Facebook live you can share the screen.

When you prepare slides you can teach for 10 minutes about a topic that’s interesting for your viewers and you don’t have to show your face. And people who are watching will get great value out of your Facebook live.


#6 Host a special guest

As introverts or shy people we don’t have problems in a conversation when someone else is with us. So if a second person is with you on camera you automatically feel safer.

If you interview another person and you prepare yourself like I did today, you have your notes as a safety net with you. You ask the question and the other person answers the question.

Just in case your brain goes blank the other person can jump in and help. 


#7 Show up with your cat or dog

(I really love number 7)

Sometimes or very often cats and dogs crash videos.  They show up naturally on screen. I think it’s fun and that’s the beauty of Facebook live… it shows what happens in real life.

Cats and dogs are always adorable to watch!



If you liked this so far and you want to learn more about how to show up on camera confidently, I created a free guide just for you on that topic. Just click this link


It’s THE SHY GIRL’S GUIDE TO FACEBOOK LIVE CONFIDENCE where you will discover what to do exactly before during and after your Facebook live, to feel in control and also get started on the right foot.


Until next time… Remember the world needs your voice ♥



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