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3 Ways To Come Up With Facebook Live Topics Easily

How to come up with Facebook Live topics?

My clients often say “I don’t know what to talk about” “I don’t know what my people want to hear from me”.

Some clients say it’s like pulling teeth.

Luckily it’s not that difficult!


Today you’ll discover 3 ways to easily find topics for you FBlives.



Hello hello Andrea here!

Today I will talk about how to come up with topics for your FBlives. Most clients ask me or they say to me “I don’t know what to talk about”,  “I don’t know what my people want to hear from me, what they want to learn from me”… it’s like pulling teeth to come up with a speaking topic.


Luckily it’s not that difficult and I will share with you the three ways how I come up with speaking topics.

1. So the first way is about Facebook groups

I assume you’re participating in Facebook groups. In every Facebook group there is a search field when you can put

in some words, for instance, I put in “Facebook lives” and then I see what people are talking about when it comes to Facebook lives. A lot of posts come up and you can see what are the challenges, what are they talking about, what do they want to learn, what questions do they have.

I can put in facebook lives. I can put in a public speaking fear or nervousness and then again a lot of posts come up and I can see what are the challenges for my people.

2. The second way is to take a look at your blog post.

Especially at your statistics to see what is your most famous blog post. Then take a tiny part of this blog post and talk about it on Facebook live. For instance, I have a

blog post it’s about “10 ways how to bore the boots out of your facebook life viewers. Number three is “Why you shouldn’t say hello to everyone who just joins the Facebook live and what to do about it”. This blog post is really famous and I can take number three and do a Facebook life about it. So your blog posts… you find a lot of hints in your blog posts.

3. Ask your newsletter readers

Create a poll and give them a few topics and also add a field where you asked them “What is your challenge with

the topic “xyc”. For instance, I would say “Okay, what do you want to learn about facebook lives?” “What is your challenge about facebook lives”. And then I wait for the replies and I will see what my readers really want to hear from me, what challenges they are facing and I can talk about it on Facebook live.


So let’s recap the three ways on how to show up on facebook life and have a speaking topic ready.

1.s Facebook groups

2.  blog post and

3. ask your newsletter readers.


Until next time… Remember the world needs your voice ♥



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