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Why Fantasy Andrea Is Repeatedly Killing My FB Live Talk


Standing on Oprah’s big super soul stage.

Delivering your most glorious talk ever.


You feel the stage wildly vibrating down into your bones and more than 1000 pairs of eyes are watching you jubilantly.


You hear them applaud ecstatically.

Your raving fans can’t get enough of you.




Because FANTASY Andrea has just given the talk of her life.


No glitches, not wobbles.

A mind blowing perfect performance as Gabby Bernstein would do it.


Real life Andrea is already freaking out by simply thinking about speaking on such a big stage and being closely watched by 1000 pairs of eyes.


Even 10 people would be enough to make her feel miserable, because … What if they don’t like her?




Real life Andrea constantly procrastinates giving public talks.


She knows, that showing up regularly on fb live is THE tool  to help her connect with her dream clients… BUT

…what if they show up and …. don’t like what they hear?  






Fantasy Andrea does nothing good to real life Andrea.


Fantasy Andrea causes real life Andrea to procrastinate live talks.


Fantasy Andrea makes real life Andrea feel insecure and doubtful.




It’s not only Fantasy Andrea who gives an unreachable jaw-dropping performance.


It’s also Fantasy Sarah who always finds the right words at the right time without a stutter.


And don’t forget Fantasy Linda with her nerves of steel who seems fearless.


Besides, have you heard that Fantasy Amy converts ALL the people watching into clients every time she shows up?


*No pressure my friend*


Here’s why YOU HAVE TO STOP your fantasy selves


As I’ve coached women over 20 years I now know that fantasy selves are difficult to stop by yourself.


It’s because they are deeply connected with your fears.  


They not only overshoot the mark, but by doing so they trigger your deepest fears.


And they’ve been infiltrating your mind for countless years in the past so they have became a part of your thinking.




Getting clear about what’s going on in your mind and how your fantasy self is sabotaging your success, is one of the most important steps.  


Clarity will help you move from fear to confidence.


Clarity will also strengthen your real life self so you’ll be able to speak fearlessly with calm nerves.


Until next time… Remember the world needs your voice ♥



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