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About My Love & Hate Relationship With Public Speaking

You know I often talk about the struggles with public speaking and how to tame the fears that are getting in your way.

It is really important for me to share a bit of my story with you.

I want to let you know how I overcame my fears and how I enjoy speaking live now.

And if I can do that as a non-native speaker … Lady, you can do it too 🙂


Watch the video … Or, if you prefer you can read the transcript below.





I think you know I’m a speaking without fear coach and I help people, especially women, sensitive spirits to tame their facebook live fears and the fears of public speaking

And today I have to admit I have a love and hate relationship with public speaking. So nowadays I’m no longer afraid of speaking publicly and showing up on facebook live.

Yes, I’m used to it. But I still feel kind of a nervous feeling when I hit the live button, but it’s not this nerve-racking, thrilling ..and sweaty hands feeling .. and my heart is bursting feeling …

it’s more like a kind of excitement … what will I say, how the live talk go and who will watch it. It’s more of an excitement.

Now that wasn’t always the case, 20 years ago speaking publicly really scared the hell out of me.

I even used GREEN CONCEALER to cover my red cheeks.

It worked perfectly well, but the fear didn’t go away.

So I was looking for help. And I finally, found a life coach and I figured out that within a few months I was able to speak freely and I was able to speak fearlessly.

I was so amazed by the results that I decided to become a life coach myself and to help women to show up and to tame their fears … especially the fears of public speaking and nowadays the fears of showing up on facebook live …

facebook live is kind of different, it triggers other things than public speaking but it still triggers fears …

and I’m really happy nowadays that I can help women to tame those fears, to speak fearlessly and … especially to help them speak from the heart.

That’s what I’m passionate about.


Until next time… Remember the world needs your voice ♥



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