9 Ways To Bore The Boots Off Your Facebook Live Listeners [Part 2]

If you haven’t read part 1 yet … head over here


Now, let’s continue.

5. You speak longer than 5 mins off topic to increase the tension

Ever heard this advice?

To build up tension in a speech, talk about what you will tell them before you tell them.


However there are slight differences between giving a live speech in front of an audience or speaking live on FB.

People on social media are crazy impatient. They’re not willing to let someone waste their valuable time. They want the info NOW!


So, give them what they want. Choose two or three sentences to point out what they’ll learn today AND fire away with the good stuff.


6. You talk about your program and what you’re selling from the first second on

You’re passionate about your program. You worked extremely hard to make it happen and you want everyone to join.

We get it.

Your program is way too good to not be mentioned as soon as possible.

Well, that’s one perspective.


Let’s try another one!

As you probably don’t want to sound salesy or slimey … Ask yourself: What do my viewers truly want?


Ponder this question.

Once you found the answers, start your FB live with your audience in mind and never bore them again.


7. Your content isn’t what the subject title stated 

(Maybe that’s why so many hosts don’t have a subject title? Read about that in part 1)

Be very clear about your message.

People are showing up because they are attrachted by the subject title. They guess there’s something in it for them.


  • Stick to your title message
  • Don’t ramble so they want to stop watching
  • Give them what they expect


Be prepapred, so you don’t ramble, struggle or bore them.

Here’s the key: Keep your title and your content in aligment.


8. You just pop-in

Usually those FB talks start with “I just wanna pop in to tell you that I…” and then they speak for a long  time about … what?

People are divided if this is a good tactic to attract your dream clients.


Some viewers like those informal updates ONLY when they are kept short. Others tune out.


Those viewers prefer to see a host that is well prepared, focused and has a strategy to lead them through a topic. Maybe these are your dream clients.


9. You beg for likes, comments and shares from the beginning on and do it over and over again.

Please like me.

Show me your love. Please. Please.

How does this sound? Confident or weak?


However doing that seems to be popular these days. But just because many people are doing it, doesn’t mean it’s a well thought out strategy. It’s a boring strategy.

Why? Because …


  • People already know that like buttons exist.
  • People will comment when they have something to say.
  • People will share if they think it was valuable.


Until next time… Remember the world needs your voice ♥


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